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It is with great sorrow that we have to inform you, that one of the pillars of transmission line engineering and a distinguished member of CIGRE, Dr. Ing. Walter Bückner, has recently passed away (see attached Orbituary from our SC B2 chairman Konstantin Papailiou and the note from his family, n.b. depicting a transmission line he has designed).

Obituary Walter Bueckner (docx, 345kB)

Traueranzeige Walter Bückner (pdf, 688kB)

To get an overview about the recent and current activities of SC B2 please have a look at the Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2015 SC B2 (pdf, 213kB)

B2 has issued a "Green Book" which presents the state of the art of modern Overhead Line Business. It was presented at the Session Paris 2014 and can be ordered at the Cigre Homepage.

Pub Green Books (pdf, 1MB)

Topics of concern and /or interest

CAG (Customer Advisory Group) of B2 has carried out an investigation about the main toopics of concern and / or interest. The enclosed paper provides details.

CIGRE SC B2 2014 Survey Feedback Letter (pdf, 116kB)

B2 Programm for the session in Paris 2016 from August 21st to August 26th

The Cigre Session 2016 in Paris will start with the Opening Ceremony on Sunday August 21st at 16:00h and will be finished for B2 members and observers with the Technical and Administrative Meeting on Friday 26th August app 16:00h.

The General Program of the session can be found on the Cigre Homepage, including information about the program, administrative matters, bookings, accomodation, etc.

Our Study Committee B2 "Overhead Lines" has it´s own program (room allocation and timetable are provisional, please check prior to the session / meetings): 

SC B2   MONDAY 22nd August 

    14:30 – 16:00 Tutorials B2, half day

SC B2  TUESDSAY 23rd August 

    9:30 – 16:00 B2 presenters´ meeting with  Special Reporters, full day, room 361

SC B2  WEDNESDAY   24th August 

     8:45 – 18:00  B2 session full day, Grand Amphitheatre

SC B2  THURSDAY  25th August

   9:00 -  12:30 B2 Poster Session, 2nd floor Hall Maillot

  14:00 – 17:30 Technical Meeting 1st part, room 352B

  (19:30 Cigre cocktail reception)

SC B2  FRIDAY  26th August

    9:00 – 16:00 Technical Meeting 2nd part followed by Administrative Meeting, room 352B  


Session+46_+Gen+Prog++BD (pdf, 2MB)



B2 meeting and Symposion 2015 in Cape Town Region / South Africa, 22nd - 30th October 2015

The meeting 2015 of SC B2 was held in Cape Town/South Africa together with the Symposium "DEVELOPMENT OF ELECTRICITY INFRASTRUCTURES IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA" which was held in Stellenbosch.



B2 Session 2014 Paris

The B2 Session 2014 in Paris was on Tuesday 26th August from 8:45h till 18:00h at the Grand Amphitheatre.

Preferential Subjects posed by the three special Reporters were:

Preferential Subjects B2 Cigre Session 2014 Paris (pdf, 70kB)

More information about the session 2014 in Paris is available for B2 members on the members´s  area (see: SC meetings, 2014 Paris).