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B2 meeting and Symposion 2015 in Cape Town Region / South Africa, 22nd - 30th October


The meeting 2015 of SC B2 will be held in Cape Town/South Africa together with the Symposium "DEVELOPMENT OF ELECTRICITY INFRASTRUCTURES IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA" which will be held in Stellenbosch.

Below is the link to the meeting website. Use this website to obtain information about the B2 meeting and the symposium as well as book the visit.

Please make all bookings via the website registration forms to enable the organizers to easily co-ordinate activities and to take advantage of the reduced hotel rates they have negotiated.




Call_For_Papers_CAPE+TOWN+2015final+version+r1 (pdf, 298kB)


SC B2 current activities


The B2 report 2013 presents the recent and current activities of the Study Committee.

B2 report for ELECTRA (pdf, 708kB)


new: the B2 Green Book was presented at the Session Paris 2014 together with the B1 Green Book and can be ordered at the Cigre homepage

Pub Green Books (pdf, 1MB)


B2 Session 2014 Paris

The B2 Session 2014 in Paris was on Tuesday 26th August from 8:45h till 18:00h at the Grand Amphitheatre.

Preferential Subjects posed by the three special Reporters were:

Preferential Subjects B2 Cigre Session 2014 Paris (pdf, 70kB)

 More information about the session 2014 in Paris is available for B2 members on the members´s  area (see: SC meetings, 2014 Paris).