2016 session

  • from Sunday August 21st (opening ceremony) to Friday August 26th
  • Paris, France, Palais des Congrès
  • B2 session is on Wednesday 24th August 8:45h - 18:00h
  • Registration (Special rate till 30th April 2016)

Organisation of 2016, Paris Session:

technical_programme February19 (pdf, 475kB)

Cigre session 2016 B2 timetable_a (docx, 21kB)

2016 Paris Session+46_+Gen+Prog++BD (pdf, 2MB)

2014 session

  • from Sunday August 24th (opening ceremony) to Friday August 29th
  • Paris, France

Organisation of 2014, Paris Session:

SCB2: Preferential Subjects for 2014 (pdf, 165kB)


2012 session

  • 26th to 31th August 2012
  • Paris, France

Organisation of 2012, Paris session  :

From Monday August 26th to  Friday 31th 2012

SCB2: Preferential Subjects for 2012 (doc, 1kB)