JWG C3.13/B1/B2Environmental issues of high voltage transmission lines for rural and urban areas

The aim of the JWG is to create a reference document to enable transmission companies and others to understand how these issues are dealt with in other countries.  It will be based on available CIGRE Technical Brochures, especially  TB 147 and 250 (but also TB, 194, 338, 373  and 403).

The JWG would record:

  1. How companies plan new transmission lines (overhead or underground) in all cases (e.g. rural areas) and near existing built development
  2. How companies control new built development near existing transmission lines (overhead or underground).
  3. Circumstances in which companies consider undergrounding proposed new overhead lines and/or re-routeing existing overhead lines
  4. Circumstances in which companies consider undergrounding existing or new overhead lines near built development

The JWG would not attempt to promote one approach over another, because the relationship between transmission lines, the environment and built development in different countries will have grown up for different legal, socially acceptable and land ownership reasons.  The JWG will create a ‘picture’ of practices worldwide in this area.