WG B2.23 Geotechnical and structural design of the foundations of HV & UHV Lines, application to the updating to the refurbishment and upgrading guide

The terms of reference of WG B2.23 include :

  1. A theoretical approach of both static and dynamic loading arising from climatic loading, short circuit, broken conductors,.. of the mechanism of load transfer, the aim of which is to recommend partial strength factors or design models ;
  2. the effect of potential geotechnical influences both natural and man-made, e.g. land slips, faults, soil liquefaction, mining activities, etc., on the routing of an OHL, how these influences may be identified and possible means of alleviation, if it is not possible to re-route the OHL. In addition, consideration will also be given to providing guidance on how to undertake a geotechnical investigation, if it is apparent that these features are affecting the reliability of an existing OHL route. The aim of this study is to provide a guidance report, indicating procedures for desk studies and intrusive inspections, etc.
  3. an up date of the procedures for the refurbishment and upgrading of transmission line support foundations outlined in Cigre Technical Brochure No. 141 (Refurbishment and Upgrading of Foundations) with actual techniques used in practice and theoretical studies described before. Based on these studies, it is intended to publish an update to the brochure, together with sample case histories of actual refurbishment and upgrading schemes. It covers all types of Lines from HV to UHV Lines. But if needed, specific criteria will be given to UHV Lines.