WG B2.44 DISBANDED Coatings for protecting overhead power network equipment in winter conditions

One of the major problems of power transmission by overhead lines in cold climate regions is ice and snow accumulation on various equipment such as conductors and insulators. This may lead to major power outages caused by mechanical failures of line components or by flashover of insulators, as observed in Europe, Asia and North America in recent years.

An interesting and promising technique to protect the lines in these conditions is the use of active coatings, or passive coatings with superhydrophobic/icephobic properties, which can significantly reduce or even eliminate ice accretion. In addition, some of these coatings can also provide protection against corrosion, while others, characterized by high permittivity or conductivity, can considerably improve the electrical performance of insulators under icing, pollution or combination of both. In addition to their hydrophobic and icephobic properties, these coatings would allow the reduction of corona noise levels and related interferences. As well, most of these coatings are applicable to other structures affected by icing, such as wind turbines.