WG B2.45 Bushfire characteristics and potential impacts on Overhead Line Performance

This study group is to review the characteristics of wild fires in varying vegetation types, terrain, and associated climatic influences, and the criteria for flashover to occur during fires in close proximity to overhead lines; review electrical characteristics associated with fire trips; review climatology associated with severe fires where major outages have occurred, fire rated conditions, and the potential risk for severe fires; review possible mitigation measures that can be applied to reduce potential risk of fire trips; review climate change impact trends associated with recognised high fire risk regions; review vegetation management strategies and fire risk assessment techniques; and review fire trip impact mitigation techniques applied during extreme fire weather.

The working group study will produce a reference guide to enable a better understanding of wild fire, related fire trips, and for the design and operation of high voltage overhead lines to enable the reduction of risks associated with line trips and potential loss of major electrical load transfer capability in networks, during major wild fires in high fire risk areas.