WG B2.64 Inspection and Testing of Equipment and Training for Live-Line Work on Overhead Lines

Live-line maintenance of power lines is widely used worldwide at low, medium and high voltage levels. This way of work requires special tools to guarantee the maximal safety of the workers. All the equipment used for different tasks executed by live-line methods must undergo various inspections before use. These inspections could be type tests at the factory, acceptance tests before the first use, on-site tests before every use and periodic tests after a pre-defined period of time. 

Nowadays there are many different international standards and national regulations regarding the inspection of different live-line working equipment. Unfortunately there is no common framework to define the different kinds of tests and their frequency, so the condition, the way of certification and expiration of inspections can be very different depending on the country, even in some cases within the company where they are used. 

Another important aspect regarding the different live-line working activities is related to the education of workers. Basic and refresher training might be very different in each country, as well as the examination/certification requirements. Similar theoretical and practical topics of education and the same requirements of knowledge would assist with the possibility of cross-country working. Consistent education can guarantee the same level of knowledge and the safety of the work at any time – and also make the possibility of independent and international audits and certifications. Refreshment courses after a specified period of time are especially important to recognize faults and improve skills of workers to guarantee an up- to-date knowledge base and to ensure the safety of live-line maintenance at all voltage levels.