For the period 2016-2018, the SC B2 currently consists of a Chairman, a Secretary, 24 Regular Members and 17 Observer Members.

Chairman and Secretary are from Austria. 

The 24 countries represented by Regular Members are Switzerland, Slovenia, Brazil, United States of America, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Canada, Russia, India, Australia, China, Austria, South Africa, United Kingdom, South Korea, France, Germany, Italy, Czech and Slovak Reps., Japan, Iceland and Poland.

The 17 countries represented by Observers are Mexico, Andean, Portugal, Netherlands, Romania, Israel and New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Iran, Malaysia, Arab States Of The Gulf, Thailand, Egypt, Croatia, Argentina


List of SC  Regular Members and Observers by SC

2016 05 list_sc (pdf, 421kB)

List of SC Regular Members and Observers by NC

2016 05 list_nc (pdf, 616kB)