According to the Statutes, the objective of CIGRE is facilitation and promotion of the interchange of technical knowledge and information between all countries in the general field of electricity generation and transmission at high voltage. The mission of CIGRE Study Committee B2 is derived from these overall objectives as follows:

The field of activities of Study Committee B2 covers:

1 - the design,
2 - the construction
3 - the operation of overhead lines
4 - including the mechanical and electrical ( in cooperation with SC C4) design of line components(conductors, ground wires, insulators, accessories, structures and their foundations),
5 - the validation tests,
6 - the study of in service performance,
7 - the assessment of the state of line components and elements,
8 - the maintenance,
9 - the refurbishment and life extension as well as upgrading and uprating of overhead lines.

The output of the deliberations and actions would enable quality, capability, availability, maintainability, and the ability to raise capital and insurance to be realized.